Traditional Project Management

Stakeholder Management

To be effective with your stakeholders, you must take the time to develop and build support and influence. Whether for a project or a significant change initiative, without the support of people, success is hard. Not to mention that dealing with people and people issues is one of the most time consuming activities. You need to know how to bridge the gap between development and operations and deliver more value faster to your customers.


  • Project Managers
  • Program Managers
  • PMO Officers
  • Scrum Masters
  • Product Owners
  • Executives and Managers


The essentials of stakeholder management
– Introduction to stakeholder management
– Key stakeholder management definitions
– Identifying your stakeholders: stakeholder Analysis
– Effective stakeholder management
– Developing ongoing business relationships

Negotiation techniques for collaboration
– Negotiation model
– Create the ideal BATNA
– Introduction to re-framing techniques
– Cultural differences that affect negotiation
– Negotiating styles, tactics and overcoming deadlock

Essential communication skills for stakeholder management
– Understanding the psychology of communication
– Barriers to effective communication
– Removing communication barriers
– Why listening is more important than talking?
– The emotional intelligence skills needed Influencing skills
– The tools of influence
– Reciprocity: give and take
– The importance of commitment and consistency
– How social proof influences behaviour?
– Liking, authority and scarcity

Essential skills for stakeholder management
– Managing stakeholders successfully
– Running effective stakeholder meetings
– Practical people engagement
– The power of empathy
– Personal action planning


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