Project Management Fundamentals

This course introduction to project management which clarifies the key processes, methods and concepts of project management.


It consists of 36 lessons grouped into 9 modules which cover all the relevant competencies of project management: scope, time, cost, quality, risks, quality, communications, project team.


  • Learning progress based on individual pace
  • Comprehensive introduction to project management
  • Exercises to apply knowledge and get better understanding
  • Examples and instruction on how to apply the knowledge


  • newcomers to project management
  • junior project managers
  • members of project teams
  • experienced managers

Learning Objectives

  • understand the key concepts of project management
  • apply project management methods and tools into practice
  • be able to manage a small or medium size project
  • contribute to project success as a team member


  • Project initiation and organisation
  • Scope definition and development of the concept
  • Planning of activities and resources
  • Risk analysis, monitoring and control
  • Estimations, budget and cost control
  • Quality planning and control
  • Performance control and change management
  • Training and team building, communication
  • Project closing, lessons learned

Average duration: 12 hours

Available in: English, French, German

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About the trainer

Our trainer is a seasoned professional with over 12 years of experience in creating and delivering exceptional training courses in project management. With his strong background in the field, he has honed his skills in facilitation, professionalism, experience, and a touch of humor to engage and inspire participants.

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