Traditional Project Management

Project Governance

Managing projects, subsidiary programs, and program activities as a program enhances. This course provides guidance to organisations and practitioners on how to implement or enhance governance on portfolios, programs, and projects. Understanding governance as it applies to portfolios, programs, and projects is growing in importance to organisations, because appropriate governance is a factor in the success or failure of strategic initiatives and portfolios, as well as an organisation’s programs and projects.


  • Project Managers
  • Program Managers
  • PMO Officers
  • Executives and Managers


– Overview of governance related to portfolio, program, and project management
– Portfolio, program, and project governance versus portfolio, program, and project management
– Effective governance of portfolios, programs, and projects
– Governance and program and project complexity
– Governance domains
– Governance functions
– Governance framework

Organizational project management (OPM) governance
– OPM governance
– Roles and responsibilities
– Governance domains, functions, and processes
– Governance framework implementation

Governance at the portfolio level
– Portfolio and portfolio management
– Portfolio governance
– Roles and responsibilities
– Portfolio governance domains, functions, and processes
– Portfolio governance framework implementation

Governance at the program level
– Program and program management
– Program governance
– Roles and responsibilities
– Program governance domains, functions, and processes
– Program governance framework implementation
– Governance at the project level
– Project and project management

Project governance
– Projects and governance relationships
– Project governance considerations
– Roles and responsibilities
– Project governance domains, functions, and processes
– Project governance framework implementation Programme governance
– Governance practices
– Governance roles
– Governance design and implementation
Programme life cycle management
– Programme life cycle phases
– Activities and integration management
Programme activities
– Programme definition phase activities
– Programme delivery phase activities
– Programme closure phase activities
Conclusions and action plan


This course in available in English, French, German


  • 2 days in classroom
  • Also available as online or virtual delivery
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