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The Project Management Professional (PMP)® is the world’s leading project management certification. Now including predictive, agile and hybrid approaches, the PMP® proves project leadership experience and expertise in any way of working. It supercharges careers for project leaders across industries and helps organisations find the people they need to work smarter and perform better.

Why becoming a PMP?

Relevant studies show that certification increases the value of a project manager significantly. A good example is PMI’s salary survey


Creating a High-Performing Team
– Build a Team
– Define Team Ground Rules
– Negotiate Project Agreements
– Creating a High-Performing Team
– Build a Shared Understanding about a Project
– Empower Team Members and Stakeholders
– Engage and Support Virtual Teams
– Train Team Members and Stakeholders

Starting the Project
– Determine Appropriate Project Methodology/Methods and Practices
– Plan and Manage Budget and Resources
– Plan and Manage Scope
– Starting the Project
– Establish Project Governance Structure
– Integrate Project Planning Activities
– Plan and Manage Procurement
– Plan and Manage Project/Phase Closure
– Plan and Manage Quality of Products/Deliverables
– Plan and Manage Schedule

Doing the Work
– Assess and Manage Risks
– Execute Project to Deliver Business Value
– Manage Communications
– Doing the Work
– Create Project Artifacts
– Engage Stakeholders
– Ensure Knowledge Transfer to Project Continuity
– Manage Project Changes
– Manage Project Issues Keeping the Team on Track
– Address and Remove Impediments, Obstacles, and Blockers
– Apply Emotional Intelligence to Promote Team Performance
– Collaborate with Stakeholders
– Lead a Team
– Manage Conflict
– Mentor Relevant Stakeholders
– Support Team Performance

Keeping the Business in Mind
– Employ Continuous Process Improvement
– Evaluate and Address Internal and External Business Environment Changes
– Evaluate and Deliver Project Benefits and Value
– Manage Compliance Requirements
– Support Organizational Change

Review & Exam Preparation
Application and exam logistics
Exam application prep
Quick recap


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This course in available in English, French, German


4-5 days in classroom

Also available as online or virtual delivery

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