Agile Project Management

Mastering Lean

Benefits of doing Lean

  • Learn what you must measure and how metrics can improve performance
  • Bring people and processes together and empower people to provoke improvements by themselves
  • Lean how to get an accurate understanding of the project by looking at the big picture
  • Learn how you can not only survive a world of unexpected but influence it by driving the change
  • Get a totally new understanding of speed! Discover how to implement discipline of people and processes
  • Achieve greater quality of your deliverables and projects


Project managers

Team members (developers, testers, analysts, etc.)

Team leads and managers

Business people


  1. What is Lean?
  2. Lean is different
  3. Identify value
  4. Map value stream
  5. Create flow
  6. Establish pull
  7. Seek perfection
  8. Eliminate waste Empower the team
  9. Deliver fast
  10. Optimise the whole
  11. Build quality in
  12. Defer decisions
  13. Amplify learning
  14. Implementing Lean


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2 days in classroom
Also available as online or virtual delivery

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About the trainer

Our trainer is a seasoned professional with over 12 years of experience in creating and delivering exceptional training courses in project management. With his strong background in the field, he has honed his skills in facilitation, professionalism, experience, and a touch of humor to engage and inspire participants.

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