Agile Project Management

Delivering Agile Projects

Why Agile?

Agile has become synonym with delivering results and embracing change. All part of what everyone should do in order to remain competitive nowadays.

This course gives you the ability to understand agile principles and concepts. You’ll be able to demonstrate to project stakeholders that the use of agile is among your project management skills, and you can apply its techniques based on the needs of your projects.


  • Closing more project on time and within budget
  • Build a more intimate relationship with your customers
  • Create a result-oriented attitude of the team
  • Better identification and management of risks
  • Increased participation, ownership, and accountability from stakeholders
  • People feel more motivated and empowered
  • Increased efficiency of activities through process management
  • Knowledge and understanding of different methodologies used in top companies
  • Learning to be more organised and the role discipline plays in a project


  • Project managers
  • Team members (developers, testers, analysts, etc.)
  • Team leads and managers
  • Business people.


  1. Introduction to methodologies and standards
  2. The agile value proposition
  3. Agile vs. waterfall
  4. Agile values and principles
  5. Workshop “Productivity improvement”
  6. Scrum (roles, artefacts, ceremonies)
  7. Extreme programming (concepts, values, activities, roles, practices)
  8. Lean (principles, managing waste, 5S)
  9. Kanban (practices, pull system, bottlenecks, kanban board)
  10. Agile teams (roles, servant leadership, empowerment, self-organizing teams, sharing information, building teams, conflict management) Workshop “Managing an agile project”
  11. Starting up a project (indicators, vision, personas)
  12. Backlog management (collecting requirements, writing user stories, high level estimations, story points, definition of done, prioritization techniques)
  13. Iteration planning (story level estimations, planning poker, task management)
  14. Inspect and adapt (daily stand-ups, reviews and retrospectives)
  15. Next steps in becoming more agile.


This course in available in English, French, German


  • 3 days in classroom
  • Also available as online or virtual delivery
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Our trainer is a seasoned professional with over 12 years of experience in creating and delivering exceptional training courses in project management. With his strong background in the field, he has honed his skills in facilitation, professionalism, experience, and a touch of humor to engage and inspire participants.

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