Digital world citizen: what seemed to be a must, the pandemic proved it is for sure

In the beginning, our mission was to make brands convert into the digital world because back in 2008 it was still a very new thing for most brands. Their presence on social media was seen both as a dangerous and promising situation.

Since 2008 the brands understood step by step that their presence in the digital world can actually be a very benefic way to gain more visibility and to be closer to their customers. But, you know, there was still a “shy gang” that was refusing to accept that this is the reality we live nowadays and that this is also going to be the future.

Today, since the pandemic happened, most brands are heading more and more into the digital world, if they didn’t do it yet (at least, in 2020, it was their only chance to do business). It was no more an option, but a must. So now our mission is to help the brands to do it better and better, to pass the borders, and to offer their customers a great digital experience.

Some of the companies embraced the changes during the last two years and this is what a PwC study revealed last year (in 2021): the companies are going to invest in digitalization, cybernetic security, and sales on a 10-15% more generous budget.

Also, as a mandatory solution for investing in your website to make it more attractive for your customers’ online shopping you should consider the unstoppable rise in mobile app usage.

Giving your customers the opportunity to have your app at the reach of their hands also gives you the chance to keep them engaged and raise their attachment to your brand. Keep in mind the following statements about a mobile app: easy accessibility, constant connectivity, builds a strong brand image, and improves reach.
All these listed above are about today, but let’s also talk a little bit about tomorrow. We all heard about this new concept that Mark Zuckerberg keeps telling us about: Metaverse. Information may look a little bit short for now, but things are starting to grow little by little… until one day – we don’t exactly know what day – when Metaverse will become the reality we are living in. Actually just as it all happened with social media at the beginning.

What is Metaverse?

It seems to be an evolution of the internet and social media as we know it nowadays. It’s described as an online space where people can socialize, work and play as avatars. Also, it is described as a second life. Basically, Metaverse is going to put together a few technologies we already know, such as VR, cloud-connected servers, devices, and even NFTs.
What we don’t know yet is if it is going to be only one Metaverse or more.

How Metaverse is going to look like?

As we know, for now, you’ll own an avatar and also a few digital assets. Basically, it will be a digital land where you should be able to build online houses, where you can meet your friends, for example. Soon, we’ll probably find out more and more information about Metaverse and also how it can be good for brands, and how it can help us with our marketing campaigns.